Wednesday, January 23, 2008

V. T. Joshi Passes Away

Noted journalist V T Joshi passed away at Bangalore on Sunday night. Joshi, a highly respected figure in the journalist fraternity, worked at Bhopal for a long time as a Special Correspondent of The Times of India and The Hindu.

Aouther of "Pakistan-Zia to Benazir", he was also associated with the Makhanlal University. At present Joshi was associated with 'Media Critique' (Media Meemansa-Hindi), the quarterly published bi-lingual media journal of University.

Although now he is no more with us, but he will remain in the hearts forever.


आशीष महर्षि said...

भगवान उनकी आत्‍मा को शांति दे

prasoon mishra said...

joshi jee ko srandhanjali.

devendra sahu said...

i have talked him only two times but the way he advised me regarding my articles, this shows the dept of his knowladge and this attitude made him a great human being

अनिल पाण्डेय said...

great loss of journalism.